Friday, September 20, 2013

Old School Favourites

There's nothing more fun than sharing some good oldie times! Am I right? Back in the 80's and 90's I predict that most people loved listening to pop. In the 2000's most people love listening to Soul and RnB.

My favourite candy was Wonka's rope  and Kinders Bueno , and guess what? I ate Wonka's rope today!! 'Twas the best. The old school favourite music of mine was Destinies Child, I was really into them , my favourite single was ' Lose My Breath' . My favourite show was Proud Family, guess who sang the theme song? Destinies Childs. The Old School fashion favourite of mine was Dungaree's they were just so adorable kinda similar to onesie's I guess?

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  1. What a wonderful blog post Josephine! I really like the way you keep your readers interested by asking them questions.

    Mrs Erasmus.