Saturday, November 23, 2013

Camp Bentzon Day One # Take A Hike! # Early Birds

I woke up to a loud approaching noise coming among my ears. Suddenly I felt a quick breeze running down my spine, it was  cold. I tried opening my eyes, forcing them to open widely. I sat bolt up bright looking at the time ' 5:51 ' still time to get ready for camp. I cleaned up my bed and went to get ready. ' '6:35' , I turned on the computer , I shunned the computer light as it was shining against my eyes. I thought I didn't have enough time for the computer so I quickly went to school, with my day pack. I peeped through the school hall , only to see a crowd of campers. " Drink Bottles! " Chanted Ms Garden as I was chatting my friends. At that, something came in my mind. I forgot my bottle. " Go run and get it from home! " Shouted my friends. With  legs lazy as a sloth, I tried my best to run quickly to home. There, I spotted the bakery that was open. I fastened my pace and bought a water bottle. Making it back to school with destination, I saw more and more people arriving. 

To be continued . . . . .

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