Thursday, June 14, 2012

Andy Warhol Biography!

Andy Warhol's art is based on his wonderful legacy.   I really enjoy looking at the bright colours and bold lines that are used for Andy Warhol’s art. Warhol was a pop artist who was full of life and talent , His Career made him famous that made him be the prince of Pop art . My paragraphs are based on Andy Warhol’s life.

Andy Warhol was born in August the 6th 1928, Andy’s real name is Andrew Warhola. He was born in pittsburgh,Pennsylvania,USA- His parents came from Slovakia. Back in the days when Andy Warhol was a just a kid he was mostly sick and he mostly had to stay in bed while being absent at school most of the time, He mostly listened to the radio. When Andy was eight years old he had a disease called chorea, No one wanted to be Andy’s friend at school.

Warhol began to move on. He went to Schenley high school, while being at high school Andy did not have any friends because he was mostly quiet and had shockingly pale skin and white blonde hair. Warhol LOVED to go to the movies
and started a collection of celebrity autographed photos. Warhol graduated from high school and then went to Carnegie Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 1949 with a major in pictorial design.

During the 1960’s , Andy began creating the art he is best known for today. Warhol created large pictures of supermarket products. Andy Warhol discovered a new Factory which made him have very own studio! In Warhol’s studio he was surrounded by famous people who Warhol had painted.

When Warhol was 58 years old he died after a GallBladder Operation - In 1987. Warhol had some tough times after he was shot 3 times!

When I read the  Andy’s biography I was so much interested in his life! He has taken a journey through things where there is tough times and happy times! His art gives me ideas of  colors and inspiration! I would recommend this biography to everybody!  

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