Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Silver turned into gold!

An all star Valerie Adams had been defeated by a Belarus lady, who had been found on drugs! Meaning that Belarus had cheated on shot-put.  This was an absolute shocking moment . Valerie finally had her chance to win and get herself into gold:)

The message was delivered  to Valerie in Switzerland while she was in her car, but Ostapchuck stated that she was not on drugs.

My thoughts is that I'm very proud of Valerie because she had chose an option to go hard and do the right thing:)

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  1. Hi Josephine,
    I really like how you put good information in to your story about Valerie winning her madel agasint Ostapchuck you got really cool words in your story

    Keep up the good work Josephine
    From Asena.