Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paralympics 2012

paralympic Games Is A sporting event that has athletes with physical disabilities. There are twenty events in the paralympic games.

The paralympics are an international multi- sport event. Where athletes with disabilities compete .  The Paralympics include people with Amputations , in wheelchairs even blind.

The paralympic games has lots of events such as, Wheelchair Basketball, Gold Ball, Sitting Volleyball and Para-Equestrian.   Almost all  of these paralympic events have the same rules except the way they play may be changed.

The london 2012 paralympic will start on August the 29th. There are 4,200 athletes competing in twenty different events. The summer 2012 paralympic games will be the 14th paralympics. The games will be on the 29th of august to the 9th of september.

Here are some of the people who are competing Eleanor Simmonds, David Weir and Lee Patersons. These people represent  their country for the international Multi-Sport event in the paralympic games. We have wished them luck with all the best.

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