Sunday, February 12, 2012

My brother going to Australia

When my brother had left to Australia some things had started to change around the house.
But luckily I had my sister to cheer me up, well sorta cheer me up.
I have heard that he is safe and that he is having fun with  my grandpa and my mums little brothers also sisters and that was the good thing about him going to Australia.
When he came back I was so glad  also my cousins too.
It was so lucky that he came back safely with a great big fantastic smile.
He showed me something that was for me , I  opened the box and it was a shiny new pair of nike.

It was so great for him to come back ,It was so great that my grandpa and my aunt kim took great care.......

I Love my big family in Australia......

N lets not foget my greatest granpa in the world

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  1. Hey Josephine,

    I really loved the part at the end because you explained who are your family members at Australia. Next time I hope you proof read and by the way that was a great piece of writing. Keep up the great work!

    Love From Asena Room 16!