Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When School started in 2012!!!

When I walked along The Path at school I was so excited to meet my new Classroom!!
As I kept on walking I saw My best friends Ana, Jordeene, Gloria, Sela and Laita But the rest were not there yet. When I saw them I raced  To the door Just to give them a hug. We saw Miss King's Beautiful face through the window!

She opened the door for us to get in. We Hugged her when she told us to come in. "I really missed you guys!" Miss King said. "I missed you too!" I replied in my head!! The rest of my friends had finnaly come!!
"WELCOME YOU GIRLS!!" I said in my thoughts.

My Goal of  2012 is to get better and be better  So I can recieve something at the end of the year!!

Really Miss Room 13 and Miss King!!!
2012 has appeared!!!

Really hopev we all have a safe and happy year and a great SUPERB YEAR!!

It really has been a great fantastic year in 2011.

Crazy, Laughter, good days, netbooks also courage going around the class room!!



Miss you kashya and chyna hope you guys have a great year too!!!

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  1. Hi Josephine
    I miss room 13 and Miss King too.
    Love from Aldora!