Monday, February 27, 2012


My Post is about my reading goals that need to be competed!!

My goal is to read and understand the book!!
I must follow the activites in and understanding way.

I will need to follow the instructions of my activity or test or reading a book!!

I need to read the book more then once so I can understand BEFORE I go to the activity!

I must complete the tasks quickly and neatly in time with out any rushing!

I should be able  to know the answres myself with out asking anyone else!

I totally love reading as my faviroute subject for school. I love to read books!
But though I try a little to understand!
I must try hard this year for my class!!

Remember to try the best you can in reading no matter what happends!!
Reading can help you write AND THINK OF IDEAS!!  If you want to know how miley cyrus came famouse or how justin bieber came famouse read about it and write about it!!!


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