Friday, September 14, 2012

Fraction Writing

This Term , my class has been learning how to cut the same fraction in different ways , using play dough.

We can show this by cutting the play dough into equal parts but in different ways. For example we can cut halves Diagonally , down and from sides. This activity can also help me with my fractions.

We are learning this because it helps us with our division. It helps us learn more about fractions and division. And we also get to know our fractions.

I might have to say that fractions must be my favorite strategy that I have learnt so far this year. My favorite learning intention/rule is we are learning to cut the same fraction in different ways.

As I smashed the play dough in between my palms , it felt so squishy like mud on a rugby field. Rolling the play dough on top of my fingers felt so smooth , just like a marshmallow marshes.

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