Friday, September 7, 2012

Tommy Kapai Wilson

Today was a special morning for Point England school, we had some special visitors. These people are men who write and illustrate the book of  Children's book Ka pai. He's told us lots of Journeys, Comedy and Morals which is awesome because we finally get to know him well.  My faviroute  part of Tommy Wilson talking was when he told us a true story about how Susan and her friends met princess Diana. " I went to find Susan and I found out she was a banker so I interviewed her and she told me all about it" Said Tommy , My mouth dropped while knowing she was still alive.  

I am very interested in every word he said. He shows that anyone can have a smile.  My faviroute Motto was " If you make 10 people smile a day your sure be happy" When he  said that it felt like he made 600 and more people at Point England smile... that was the best assembly. Check that smile out.

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