Friday, September 28, 2012

Beach Day!

Kaitlyn was  so excited, wanna know why? Because today is her birthday and shes going to her favorite place the Point England Reserve her mom says she gets to have cake and treats at the beach party. Kaitlyn invited her friends and their mom.                      

Kaitlyn and her family were all packed up and ready to hit the road. “ Happy birthday twelve year old kaitlyn HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  her little brother sang, non-stop. “ Thanks little bro”, She commented back.  This time it was more fun , they  got to go in an .R.V. . Kaitlyn Picked up Tiara , Summer, Cameron and lastly Geo. “ Roll up the street, Its time for a special treat” they sang along the trip.

“ We made it, to the Point England Beach” said Kaitlyn with excitement. “ Here is a box of chocolates and old stuff we use to play with” said Geo. Kaitlyn was amazingly shocked and thankful.  

“SAND CASTLE SAND CASTLE PARADE!” said Kaitlyns little brother as he pulled her hand up and down. Kaitlyns friends  and her went to have a go.  “Winner will not only get a sand prize pack but a ticket to wonderland”  Kaitlyn struck with excitement “ We could do this , I know we can” said kaitlyn clutching her fist.

“Ready, set, go” Shouted the man waving his red flag. Kaitlyn and tiara got the spades and buckets and started digging up some sand. Tiara knew that they were on the right track . Suddenly a blaze of wind came around and then the castle came tumbling down. “Oh no” Kaitlyn cried. “Everything is ruined , how am I ever gonna make it!”  Mom came running down “ It’s okay I can help you with that” Stated mom.

Mom got her extra big bucket and they started digging and digging. It took a long time to get everything sorted. “Phew” said Geo wiping the sweat off his head. “ We did it , thanks guys it would not help without you guys”.

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