Monday, September 17, 2012

Dan's Days Friday

Dan thought it would be nice if they took a walk to school from now on, while mom was still in bed. Dan's big sister convinced to his little sister that walking to school is an adventure. The kids thought it would be awesome to walk to school as a family. His big sister thought it would just be fun to get out of the house, from all that arguing.

The other night Dan suggested that his parents look serious that night.  His teacher was being extra friendly to Dan at school , she heard the bad news. This time Dan did not want anyone to feel sorry for him. He just wanted  to fit in and make everything go back to normal. Dan had no idea that his sister was interested in the graduation social, lucky for him his sister lended him her best T- shirt. "Its great to have a rockstar brother just like Dan " his sister said. His little sister got to talk to people that had not talked to her before, without Dan's graduation social gig this would not happen.

Everything  that day was all in a big trash of heart breakers, Dan had bad bad rehearsal's, he got the words wrong also the chords were wrong and he only had one day left..... But everything was not great that night . "by the way Dan I cant make it to your Graduation social" said his mom.  Dan's heart sunk into a pile of sadness and his tears were ready and steady to come out. What would happen next?

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