Friday, September 21, 2012

Josephine Day's Monday!

It seemed like any other normal Monday, I was running late to school also I had P.E.P.A practice everything was all in a mixed slacked clock. The Traffic was steady as usual and the wind was as foggy as a  smoke appearing just right out of a sizzling pan of sausages.  I held up my hands against my  face and could only see the palm of my hands. Luckily I had the traffic to keep me safe from the dark wind. Trees were actually moving and leaves were falling off! "CHECK'' said the people managing the traffic. " Oh no I got to hurry" I shouted in my head. My feet ran off to the lights! I finally caught track. Walking down the entrance path, " RIIIINNNNGGGG" I heard the bell. " Oh no I gotta hurry" I quickly ran to class! Everybody stared at me, while I was coming through the door!

To be continued.......

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