Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Watching Star Wars: Guardians Of The Galaxy

On a warm Saturday, my family and I went to the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema to watch a movie called " Star wars: Guardians Of The Galaxy " This movies is one of the greatest movie I have ever put my eyes on. This movie shows a lot of true power of friendship to me.  Guardians Of The Galaxy is a movie based on a group of guardians who are friends trying to defeat an enemie named Ronan who made a plot to destroy their city! Ronan was one of my least favourite character!

My favourite character is Gamora who was adopted with her sister to a very evil man who was part of Ronans plot, actually the leader of it! Gamora had a plan to escape from him, but her sister refused. Gamora had decided to portray Ronan and be a good person! That is how she got to be a guardian. One of the funniest parts is when the star-lord started listening to 80's music and killing insects at the same time. Did you know Batista is featuring in it too? Also Vin Diesel as groot?

Overall I recommend everyone to watch this movie, this movie can really teach you a good motto! This movie can sure get you hooked in to every single part from start to finish. Hopefully, fingers crossed, they'll be a part two! Have a good night!
 ( Photo from Link here  , drawing not actual movie image! Photo credits to owner ( RA) . 

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