Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth Singapore

Singapore Commonwealth Games.

Singapore is located in Southeast asia. Did you know that Singapore’s population is 4.7 million? That's a lot! In Singapore they speak English, Malay, Tamil and standard mandarin. In the Singapore flag, the red stands for brotherhood and equality of man. In the corner there is a moon with stars that symbolises young nation on the rise!

The most known sport in Singapore is football, supercar motorsports, cricket, rugby union and more. As you all might know, singapore is competing in the commonwealth games this year in Glasgow scotland. Singapore has just won the bronze medal in mixed badminton!  

The flag bearers for singapore were Jonathan Chan who is a diver in the commonwealth games. Singapore has taken part in ever commonwealth game since their first appearance in 1950 with delhi in 2010! I would really like to send good luck to the singapore team who is competing other countries. All the best singapore!

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