Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Missing Cupcakes!

In a place called Topsy-Dopsy , the mayor Mr. Lopsy went out to visit the Main bakery in town. “Greetings Mr. Lopsy” the baker said. “Greetings, I see you have invented new cakes!”  He replied , looking around the shop. The baker showed him around the bakery, but something perspicuous came to his mind.

“Somethings missing” He said with his suspicious eyes wandering around the room. “Well, what is it? “ the baker asked. “THE CUPCAKES! WHERE ARE THEY?” He shouted. “There just over the-” the baker said. They were freaking out so much.

They looked and looked everywhere! They had no other choice but close the bakery down. “No, we can’t do that!” snapped the mayor. “Well, do you have an option?” questioned the baker. “ Yes , we’ll have to call Kimberly she can bake anything, especially fast” He said. “indeed, indeed, I’ll call her now” The baker picked up the phone.

“Hello?” answered kimberley. “Yes, the cupcakes have gone!” the baker replied. “Oh, don’t be ridiculous, there in the cupboards” She answered back. Such relief came to the mayor and the baker. “Chilly and cholly, finally”  said Mr. Lopsy.

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