Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The New Mom

Grace's dad gave the news last night! He said that she is going to have a new mom. Grace was shocked .  "Is mom coming back?" she asked. "No grace, i'm going to re-marry a new lady and her name is Mary  Her dad replied. Questions swirled round and around her head. "oh, is she like mom? will she treat me bad?" questioned grace.

A few days later , dad came home with a special guest it was Mary. Grace quickened her pace and quickly sneaked behind the sofa. "Grace, honey come out its me Mary " she said with a smile. Grace eventually peeked out to see Mary. "Hi, my name is grace" She introduced , letting the rest of her body out. "I know, your daddy told me about you!" she replied , letting her in a hug. "He said your funny, sweet  and adorable" she said.

All though Mary made Grace do her chores and wash her hands , but every time she did it, Mary would give grace a deep hug and tickled her tummy. To find out more here is the link New Mom

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