Wednesday, May 11, 2011

marble run activity.

Today room thirteen had created a Marble run . A marble run is an activity when you can get stuff from your house like books and string,dominoes and toys. Once you have got all those things try and connect them together and try and get a marble from your teacher or the shops or houses. Then when you have done you can put the marble on the start then flick the marble and then the marble goes down crushes the dominoes on the book through the string and you can build another one if you’d like. Room thirteen had desigend an out standing marble run. we had groups. my group was Gloria,Kashya and Ana also Aldora. We were arguing when we were working so we started to work it out. Then we were communicating with working better.We kept on testing over and over. At least we did. but it was really hard.Room thirteen had fun making marble run.
my group had a process of trial and error. My group and I made some modifications and we started to be very proud and we felt very happy.
We had to give up but we did’nt.. we tried over and over trying to complete our marble run. marble run was invented by rube Goldberg. rube Goldberg is a professional at marble run .He can make a really excisiting marble run. Just like room thirteen did. groups were sighing and finished. by the end my group still had trouble then after we had one more try but it still did not work.

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  1. It must have been lots of fun making the marble run. You have written a great report for us.

    Mrs Burt