Thursday, May 5, 2011

straw bridge

Today Room thirteen made straw bridges. First Miss King said to room thirteen that triangles are the strongest shape.’’Its fun to learn about triangles’’
Miss King told room thirteen to get in to groups so that we can make a straw bridge. So room thirteen gathered all around in to groups. My group was Gloria, Kashya, Ana, Aldora. We started to make triangles then our friend Gloria put all the triangles together. ’’Wow’’ I was amazed how we put our ideas together when we started to communicate. We made lots and lots of triangles we were lucky that we did not have any arguments at all. So we had put all our triangles together and we had finished our amazing straw bridge. We started to shout ‘’Miss King we have finished our straw tower.” Miss King put a1000 block on our bridge and we were so lucky that it did not collapse.
We were the happiest team of all.

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