Thursday, May 24, 2012

Netball Thoughts:p

last year pirahnas:)
Thursdays are always lucky days, You know why?  Well let me give you a clue... it  has been my favorite sport AND it was my first sport that I ever played  for the school team. Well if you guessed that sport is NETBALL:) My story is about my netball team:)

Today my netball team is very ,very,very excited about our netball game today. Wanna know why? because today we are playing against  HOLY CROSS! it is going to be a fascinating game. I am really looking forwards to having a great game, it doesn't really matter who wins it matters if we have a great game:D

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  1. Go Year 5 Team 1!!! Wish I could be there to support you. Make sure you tell me tonight how you get on! Holy Cross is tough - but you guys can win!