Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andy Warhol's Style Of Art!

The wonderful Andy Warhol decided to draw magnificent popular art! He became the prince of pop art, one of his greatest is his Marilyn Monroe painting! My paragraphs are about Andy Warhol’s style of art. Andy Warhol was a famous American  who draws popular things and popular people! He is famous because he can do popular  art and they are a hit!         

Andy Warhol’s art is very popular because he drew supermarket products that he got payed for. Pop art is when the colors are reversed and it mostly contains bold outlines! Mostly he drew art of tomato soup cans for the supermarket. Also he painted celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.  For his experience he has done a lot of silk screening, sketching, screen printing, cropping.

Bright colors shone against Marilyn Monroe’s  face as Andy Warhol screen printed his lovely Pop Art! Andy Warhol inverts the colors to Marilyn Monroe’s face. He uses simple strong shapes to make his pop art stand out. His pictures are very similar to a very popular comic books.This is because he is a thoughtful man.

My final thoughts on Andy Warhol's art is that they are superbly amazing because thats why his art always stands out. I think he was a really great artist. His pieces of art always stand out in the crowd. My favorite piece would be his latest ones such as his painting of Michael Jackson.


  1. Hi Josephine,

    What a great piece of writing. I like the way you have written using paragraphs, this shows you have real skills as a writer. I also like the detail you have provided about Andy Warhol. Keep up the great work,

    Miss Szymanik

    1. What a lovely comment you have writtin for the piece of writing! I hope you have a nice day! Thank you so much