Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting Ready For Netball!

Once you made the team you get ready for the team! I am going to write about getting ready for netball, this is just some tips!

Okay so you made team, YAY!, but now is the time for you to get ready! For starters you might not want to go too overboard because then you will feel like your over packed, even your team will know that plus if your teacher gives you something you know that it wont FIT!

You might want to just need the things you need for one game! What about lunch? For lunch your snacks might be healthy! Maybe two sandwiches, Yogurt and Fruit to keep your energy up! in your drink must be water or milk! Because if you have sugar you will be CRAZY around the game and then you start to get lazy!

You need to have some sport shoes for playing! You don't want any sandals because you could get injured! Bring a jacket to keep you comfy and warm! Also you need spare rubber bands in case!

This is just some tips for you in case you forget to leave your stuff at home but remember to always be confident in packing and playing! Remember you always need transport

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