Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On the last Friday of the holiday I went to workshop! I had to get up so early to get ready. Normally we start at ten in the morning, and guess what its not really easy!

At the workshop we had to clean our faces,with Mrs Barks daughter! To clean our faces we had to use face wipes to  wipe off the dirt!  Then we used this kind of sandy creamy lotion! When applied it to my face it felt kind of yucky because it felt like sand all over my face! Then we used this kinda soapy liquid thing we rubbed it all over our faces it felt much better!

Next we got in to groups  and added mashed bananas and lemon and honey for our faces! I rubbed it along to my face. Mrs Barks (the young) said it was kind of this  mask just like in the spa!

It was great and fun! I loved it!

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