Monday, April 23, 2012

My Holiday Highlight

 My Reaction:
What a nice day, the curtains are flowing the cars are starting also the sun is shining! My mum shouted “GET READY FOR BREAKFAST!’’

I jumped out of bed with happiness because I,Josephine am going to have a great holiday
I ran to the bathroom and took a shower then i went to get ready! “Hurry up we gotta big day coming” my mum shouted! “I know that” I replied. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my favorite elmo plate! I reached out for the toast and the leftover pizza bread! “thank you mum” I said as my mouth was full and I could be choking if I kept going on!
My sister and I had a battle of who is going to get the remote! We raced to the living room! I jumped out to the couch and got it! “yes” I shouted! I Watched my favorite show! Then got bored!, So I started to take my holiday serious!

When I had my holiday I had lots of fun! I had enjoyed going to the beach also going to the BQQ with my family in the holidays! it was so much fun!

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