Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The short film partly cloudy was created by the one and only Peter Shawn. The name partly cloudy means the other cloud is apart from the perfect white clouds. This short film was produced by the pixar films. This film was produced by Kevin Reher. Room fourteen watched Partly Cloudy. My review is about the animated short film Partly Cloudy.

The first chapter of the short film we watched was when all the kind storks were dropping off the white bags for the people to have a surprise. Then we saw the storks fly up to the beautiful white clouds to get their deliveries of cute things. The grey cloud named Gus made different kinds of creations that were dangerous for the storks to carry and for the dangerous surprises!

This short film was an excellent film because it shows lots of friendship:) I would recommend this to all my friends and family because it will give them the idea from the Moral of the film. So if you would like to watch it here it is! Partly Cloudy

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