Friday, November 30, 2012

Storm Chaser!

It was a warm comfy march and Maggie layed down on the soft green grass with her eyes shut, while 4-year-old Keira played with her rag doll. Maggie had almost walked off , when she felt a simple tap on her shoulder, she turned around. “What is that mum?” Asked Keira. “ what’s that up high?”  Maggie turned over and glared at the spot where keira pointed to.

It looked a like a cone , but upside- down , it was spinning and it was grey it was sucking up all the furniture out of the houses. Oh! it was such a catastrophe .  “ Go under the truck, honey and stay very still” Maggie demanded.  

“is this a game?” she asked hopefully. “Yup its a game!” she said. To be continued........

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