Monday, November 19, 2012


  A long time ago there lived a poor miller and his daughter, Lily. Lily was clever unlike her father, who was a show - off and liked to tell tall tales.  Lily wanted to marry the prince , but thought she was too poor.  She promised the goblin if she would give the first baby to him, he’ll turn the straws into gold to make her marry the prince.  Lily had got her first baby and named him tom.

On tom’s first birthday, the goblin appeared unexpectedly and remembered the promise she’d made. The princess disagreed to the goblin. The goblin had made a bet and said “if you can guess my name you can have the baby” The princess tried and tried , but when she had gone to the market , she saw another goblin chanting “My names not Jhon , my name is not jim, my name is rumpelstiltskin” From that time Lily found out his name. Then she got to have the baby and lived happily ever after!

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  1. Hello Josephine,

    I like the picture about Rumpelstilskin and I am 100% sure you made it on wordle! I like the little summary about him and his daughter as well. It is very well written. I really enjoyed ready it! Awesome work Josephine! Keep it up and all so can't wait to see more from you, your friend or your class mates. :)