Monday, November 26, 2012

Strange Airplane?

A long time ago in 2010, December- it was time to go to the airport. While I was sleeping, I heard a slight soft voice from my sister "Wake up! wake up! " She said punching my arm! Suddenly when I woke up it was actually loud screaming from her mouth. "Im up!" I shouted.

As I got into my aunt nina's van, it was really cold and I shivered  hard. "Got your suitcase?" my brother asked. "Woops" I shouted , jumping out the van. I got my suitcase and I was all set. "Got your jumper?" he asked again. I threw my suitcase on to my seat and ran back into the house, and came back with my jacket. "is that all?" I asked . "Yeah" he said. I hopped inside the van.

When we got to the airport my cousins went running to the game hall, I went after then my mom pulled my hoodie back! "Where are you going missy?" she asked "Game hall?" I said. "Alright, be back soon" she said. When we got to the game hall it looked so cool. "Look there air hockey and photo booth, my favorite" I said. After a few games and photos I was called by mom to go to the airplane!

When we got to the airplane I sat in my seat. "aaahh, thats comfortable!" 

To be continued!

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