Friday, March 30, 2012

Camp Day 1!

Our first activity was Top Team  which sounded pretty cool . We raced to the bathroom and got changed as quick as we could!
I raced along to Miss King and my team so that we can get started! We walked along to the bottom field! where the bottom field was. Our opponents of the game were the Respecstars , I knew that we were going to win this game! I took a look around all my opponents and felt nervous, My legs were shaking! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! We ran over the river and the and onto the cardboard there were 3 pieces of big cardboard that our hole team could stand on. We moved  the other piece right in front of us. It leaded us to the water bombs. Splat! splash!  splat! the water went onto their faces and tommies!  The game went on! after the game WE WON!

Our next activity was kayaking, so we walked to the Point England beach with our togs kept on and our towels in our bag. I was so  lucky because I got to go on Mr Malloy’s boat.
I watched my group kayaking all by themselves.  I asked Mr Malloy if I could hop off the super extreme boat. I asked my friend ana if she could kayak with me, she said yes!. We kayaked along the different colored canoes! SPLASH! my legs dropped into the water! “ooops”  ana said! Then we were finished

The first day of camp was really cool it helped me learn how to do jobs around the house!
Camp was really fun I loved it so much!
It was the best day of my camp years! I’m looking forward through next year!

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