Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A bowl of rice!

1st: First the rice is planted  in spring
2nd: You will need to plough the paddy fields
3rd: Pump the water on to the land!
4th: Zwe's mother plants rows and rows of seedlings into the muddy water!
5th: When it's Summer everyone is up early because it was time to harvest the rice!
6th: the bright green stalks have turn yellow!
7th: The seed heads are ripe!
8th: The paddy fields have been drained and the ground was hard and dry!
9th: When the long stalks of rice have been cut, they take them to the farmer at the threshing machine!
10th:THE Job of the machine is the machine has to separate the rice from the grain!
11th:The machine blows the stalks out at one end splits the rice grains into large sacks!
12th: The grains Must be dried!
13TH: the farmers haul the heavy sacks
14th: they tip out the rice and rake  the grains along the side of the road!
15th: Then they start to walk over the rice and they also start to cattle trample on it , sometimes cars and bikes  ride over it!
16th:Zwe and his family eat it three times a day Sometimes  they eat rice with Meat, fish, Or eggs  with their rice!
also soup, fruit and coconut! Zwe's mother is cooking steamed rice with her new rice cooker!
17th: Tonight  is a special treat, Zwe  is allowed to buy a leafy bundle of his faviroute sticky-rice and bean-paste sweets from the road sides stall! Zwez loves the rice!

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  1. Hi Josephine,
    Nice story.
    Like your rice in the bowl.
    Good effort.
    Keep up the great blog post's.
    Love from Aldora