Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebration Time!!

Yummy delightful treats  had come into the class for a special celebration!!! For a special someone to bring her family in and have some special thankful treats!!

On  a cold blustery morning after assembly room 14 went to celebrate Rave’s special birthday inside our class!! As I entered the  classroom I took a great puff from all that excitement at assembly!!

Then  Rave’s  parents and her little brother  had finally come in to celebrate the treats and the birthday!!! I gasped and told my friends that we were going to have some yummy treats to celebrate a really great person!!

As I ate the cupcake the icing melted all over my fingers!!! “WHOOPS” I mumbled!
I licked of all the icing off my fingers!
Then it was time for some nice kebab’s. I took one bite at the soft bit of the marshmallow!! It felt so sticky on my taste buds!!!

It was a really great time to celebrate Raves Birthday with her family!!!
We all loved the treats also,  we loved to have rave in our class!

It was so great that  we had Raves family come in!!!

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