Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Okatapodi is  a short film that was set in Greece.  Room 14 watched oktapodi and was amazed by the graphics.Okatapodi means octopus!
This morning we learned that when you see something wrong,  you need to fix it. The main characters are
a orange octopus and a pink octopus!

The two octopus fell in love and were having a great time together, then a bad case  had come. The fisherman grabbed the pink octopus  and walked off with the octopus stuck in the cage. The orange octopus watched the man get away and imagined that the octopus was going to be eaten. ROOM ROOM!  the car was getting started the orange octopus jumped out of the tank and jumped its way to the fisherman’s car. he peaked out the back window  and saw the pink octopus and went along to the passenger's window.

The fisherman looked out  the window and tried to punch the orange octopus! The pink octopus peaked out of its cage and stopped the car, SCREEEECH! the car went, the cage opened and the pink octopus went flying out of the car.  The pink octopus went along with the other octopus and went jumping, then the fisherman came and tried to catch them both!
they fell in the pool and bounced and bounced and bounced along other peoples bouncy equipment.

The fisherman tried to catch up but then he flied out to shore! The octopuses were sitting on the washing line and another bad case had come! The segaul opened his mouth wide and catched the male octopus!
To be continued......

The moral of the story is to help one another or when bad cases of romance come go for a dangerous battle and fix it also go for it!

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