Thursday, May 23, 2013


YouTube is a company owned by Google which happens to be very interesting. It is a site that has 1 million videos or more. It's the site where you can leave feedback on videos, subscribe to channels and most recently watch really cool videos. My favorite channels on youtube , aka , 'Youtubers' would have to be Olga kay and Michelle phan also wassabi productions. 
This is the part when I say, 'YOUTUBE IS USEFUL' meaning youtube can help you with your problems . Youtube is not boring , thousands and millions of people have used it! They find it fun,cool, magical and awesome.  Trust me , everytime I go on the computer the first thing I go on is 'youtube'. Can you believe that? and I am soo not lieing. Youtube is awesome, so go on it and use it and see how the spark works! 

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