Monday, May 27, 2013


DLO are a great way to reflect and share your reading tasks. DLO's are known as 'Digital Learning Objects'. In my literacy class we do Digital Learning Objects each week as part of our reading task. When we are finished with answering our questions on the form and answering our questions on our google doc, we either have a choice of making a movie about the book we just read, or comic life , presentation or simply making music. This week , we are making a movie for our DLO, we read a book called the big chill and the big drill so our movie is based on that book! Last week we read a book about who eats who? and I created a comic life on the Ipad to show people about the food web. Check it out and leave some feedback. Did I also mention that @ the end of the week we all have to presentate our DLO to our class. Just like I did this morning in front of my literacy class:) When I finished presentating we all mark it as a literacy class , all together! I do not own the rights to these images! I do not own the rights to these images I repeat I do not own the right to these images.

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