Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Youtube Challenge Challenge

If you have a favourite YouTube channel or YouTuber then you may have noticed the previous post called the YouTube Challenge Challenge. It was created by Rhett and Link who are YouTube stars that created a familiar video called 'T-shirt Wars'. The video was published on comedy week. The YouTube challenge is based on all the challenges that have been posted on YouTube such as the 'cinnamon challenge' . All of the YouTubers have to do 'all' of the challenges. Here is a video to show how the YouTube challenge challenge is done!
If you are a child please do not try one of the challenges such as the . . Cinnamon Challenge, the Chubby Bunny challenge,  the smoothie challenge also the Wasabi Challenge. It may cause anything to do with choking. SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS. 

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