Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Friday:)

Today was very busy for me and my friends! While sitting in the room, we found it really boring. " Do you want to go to skate land? " Kadic asked. We replied with a giant "YES". After that we got ready and put our shoes on. When we made our way we kept on talking about skate land. When we arrived we stood in the line. We got our tickets, and Kadic left Hope, Jane, Memory and I to go skating safetly. I got my skates and clipped the blades on. I started to blade on , but I didn't know how to! Hope and Jane gave me some tips and I was flowing fine. @ skate land there were races and more activities. This is the part when I say . .  "IT WAS VERY VEEERRRYYYYY FUUN!"

After our skating session , Kadic and Mata were waiting for us. We told them everything that happened. Our next stop was burger king. @ Burger King we ate BBQ rodeo 2 chips and a large sundae. It was very yummy and made me very full.

To be continued. . .  . .

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