Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Little Butterflies:)

Today my friends and I made little Butterflies. We used lots of Material to make tiny little objects.  I made these little insects with my buddies Hope and Jenni. We did a lot together. 

The equipment we used was little shiny shapes and diamonds, glue gun, strong scissors and our main piece which I'm not really sure what its called.  As we folded up the pieces we didn't have enough glue gun sticks. So my mom drove us to Jenni's house because she left the glue sticks there!

We arrived back to my house ,  we were able to get the butterflies done and ready. Right now, I'm sticking them on to my walls. Now my wall looks fantastic. I chose to do butterflies , because of my    favorite artists Little Mix! Their song wings made me think about it. 
purple animated butterfly glitter graphic


  1. Hi Josephine! Sounds like such a cool activity! Can you please a photo for me? I would really love to see them :)

    Miss Ouano

  2. Hi Josephine
    Nice little summary about you and your friends Jenni and Hope making little butterfly's. I hope you have lots of fun. Keep making creative things.

    From Your Bestie!!