Monday, October 29, 2012

Mean Bully's!

Carol was the new girl in school. As the morning went past Carol felt better and better at her new school. She got some new friends and learnt a lot! Her opinion on her new class was PERFECT! She knew that she would not move to any other school at all, under any circumstances.

It was lunch so Carol ate her lunch happily and gently. Suddenly a mean bully named Ann picked up her sandwich and smashed it on to the waxed floor. "That was my lunch , why did you do that?" Carol said in a shaking voice. " Wheres your lunch money?" asked the bully Ann. Carol was frightened , her hands were shaking as she gave Ann the money. " Hahahah, what a loser aren't you Carol Barol?" Said the bully, teasing her pretty name.

"That's not my name " she whispered to herself. Ann came walking to her and teased her till she cried a lot. Carol cried and went back to eating , as she tried to get her juice box the bully slapped it out of her hands. " SPPLLAATTT" the juice went all over her lunch and her sweater that her grandma gave to her. 

" STOP , WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS IN OUR SCHOOL ANN" said a girl . Ann was really scared so she ran away. The girl saw Carol with her head facing the ground felling a shame! "are you okay, do you need anything?" she asked. Carol took her face out of her sweater and swept away her curly ginger hair. " Yes thank you" she replied. The girl and carol became great friends:)

Remember stop bullying! 

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  1. What a beautiful story Josephine! I love the message you are sending!

    Miss Ouano