Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Double The Trouble"

What a warm and hot day don't you think? Lucinda and Catherine decided to go out to the beach. Catherine  packed up her special goggles and togs. Lucinda brought out the snacks and first aid kit, for safety. " Time to go " Said Lucinda , rushing through the door. Catherine came running after!

While the girls were driving, they inserted their most lovable song. " Like your in the snow but.." they sang! It was an enjoyable time in the car . Everything was calm and nice. They spotted the beach. " Beach. Beach, Beach" Annoyingly said Catherine.

"Here we come beach, get ready for some fun!" said Lucinda. First up the two girls went for a walk , across the road at the lake.  Walking along the dark green grass, Lucinda spotted a sign . The girls particularly could not see the word crocodile  because there were pink glug all over the sign, and Lucinda did not see the word "Crocodiles do not cross".

Catherine and Lucinda went past the sign  without a notice. Walking past a Crocodile slurped and slurped until the girls came by. "SNAP" went it's large jaws. Lucinda and Catherine were shocked and frightened by the sound of its smack. Lucinda grabbed a rock and threw straight at its head. The crocodile was surely angry , he got out of the lake. It made the girls more scared than ever! Catherine got a big ball beside her and threw it into the lake. The crocodile went after it.

Catherine grabbed Lucinda's hand and ran back to the beach. Finally they enjoyed the sun and forgot all about the bad case!

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