Monday, October 15, 2012

What a Holiday:)

While standing in line for some ice cream, Lesieli and I purposely cut in line. Nobody noticed about it. " Next " shouted the man delivering ice cream. Once we got our Ice cream , we saw a notice on the wall:  ICON DANCE STUDIO, COME ON NOW! . Lesieli thought it was a great idea, to get in touch with other people also dancing! 

We ran home and quickly got changed. After meeting a few people there, Lesieli finnaly got a chance to dance, all herself! "WOW" I mumbled. Now this time it was my turn, I was a bit shy. But I decided to do it any way!  I danced and danced until I dropped. It was amazingly awesome. 

After a couple of routines, Lesieli and I thought about coming back the next day! It was great we got in touch. 

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