Thursday, September 4, 2014

To John Key ( Prime Minister )

TO John Key ( Prime Minister )

Hello Prime Minister John Key. My name is Josephine and I am a twelve year old student at Point England School. Today in class, we were discussing how plastic is polluting the sea and how its causing trouble to our ocean. I think that we should ban plastic from the ocean due to unhealthy sea creatures, polluted sea, accumulation of rubbish and an unhealthy environment.     

Plastic should not be wasted but we should as New Zealanders reduce, reuse and recycle our plastic belongings. Plastic is one of the things that have infested our oceans and the creatures living in it too. When they consume plastic it is very toxic for the sea creatures because they mistake it for food. When they swallow it, it causes stomach and liver problems. Not only to sea animals but birds too.  

An oceanographer named Charles J. Moore said that “this is choking our future in ways that most of us barely aware”. He has just finished his first in depth survey of the great Pacific garbage patch.

New Zealand should avoid having to throw away plastic bags. We should be able to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our country should be healthy and in good condition. I’d recommend that New Zealand should start to change our country into a tidy environment. Having a cleaner environment is very healthy for us and our living sea animals.

This letter represents why we should recycle plastic bags and not put them into landfills. Because it can put us at risk and the underwater creatures too. Prime Minister, I think that we should start to make a change today!

Yours Sincerely

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