Monday, September 1, 2014

Storyline Festival

The Point England extension group were fortunate enough to go to the Telstra Clear stadium and listen to special authors! Such as Paula Green, Catherine Mayo, Jill MacGregor and Juliette Mclever. These authors shared stories about how they developed books for children and how they got to become great authors! The authors that I enjoyed the most was Paula Green and Jill MacGregor.

Paula Green told us about her life and how she loved poetry and it really inspired me! Paula has just released a book called  '' The Letterbox Cat And Other Poems " you can check out her blog here Jill MacGregor was an author who traveled around the pacific, her books were about peoples shape of life. The thing I most enjoyed about her was how lucky she was to travel around some countries.

If I were an author to present at the storyline festival, I would bring my first book I ever wrote and tell people what it felt like to publish this book and tell things that inspired me to write about it! Unfortunately the Authors only spoke for a few minutes. I was really looking forward to hearing about the first book they have ever read! I want to find out how long the authors take to write a book.

While sitting down at the Storyline Festival, I was really inspired by the Authors. I really loved how they tried to talk so much in such little time. Storyline Festival taught me lots I have not yet known. I really hope I get to see the same authors next year, so that they could tell me more. I especially loved how the authors connected a lot with the audience.

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