Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Should Children Exercise ?

Kids should always exercise everyday due to having a healthy strong body. When having a healthy body, you will be able to do lot’s of physical activities like playing sports. I’d recommend that kids shouldn’t eat foods with lots of calories because it affects the way the body works. Eating foods that have vitamin c is a great big YES! It can help you improve your fitness and your thinking too!

Unfit people are not very fond of walking or jogging. Walking at least twice or once a day is recommended for all ages especially sedentary people as well. The reason behind this is because walking/jogging can give you a full active body. Meaning that when you are active, you could have the ability to join lots of sports or maybe even  better!

Exercise is very valuable for your lungs and heart.  Because it can increase the energy in your lung and heart which makes it stronger and healthier! Meaning you can walk, play sports or run even longer than usual! Taking action in being fit also supports  weight. When you are exercising the calories in the food you eat will start to burn off.  When you are active fitness gives you a better self-image and improves your confidence too!

Daily physical activities can be fun! Sometimes exercise can be part of your favorite daily things to do in life, like running with your friends, walking the dog, playing on the playground and also playing sports. Activities at school , like kiwi kick, soccer or basketball is an example of fun physical exercising.

Not only is exercise good but also eating foods that have vitamin C! When consuming foods that have less calories it supports your health too. If you eat lots of foods that have a bad amount of sugar or sodium, this may also lead to a disease called diabetes. Diabetes can hurt people of all ages, not just adults. Healthy foods like Carrots and oranges is a great example of vitamin C! So healthy foods should be eaten more and unhealthy foods should be eaten more less.

These paragraphs represent why kids should exercise daily. Researching the internet, I have found out that 40 million under the age of 5 were really overweight in 2012. So the point of what  I am saying is children should exercise daily because it is really healthy and good for you and it also puts you out of worries.

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