Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sam & Cat

Is it a boring show? NO, are you addicted to it? YES!!! Sam & Cat, ah, I love those three words. Sam & Cat happens to be a TV show nickelodeon's and is known as one of the best! The show features Jeanette Mccurdy as Sam from ICarly and Ariana Grande as Cat from Victorious. The show premièred on June the 8th and is still a big hit.

Did I mention that the show was a crossover spin-off? It all started when Cat and Sam didn't know each-other, but they end up meeting each other in the garbage  truck! How hilarious is that. I would love to meet the creators and the stars. Want to know more? Remember to  watch the episodes on nickelodeon or on YouTube!  Here is the link to the Sam and Cat website: Sam & Cat, remember to watch it! It'll blow your mind!  I do not own the rights to this image all credits go to the owner , everything goes to the owner! 

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