Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tough Enough

Here is a story / novel/ narrative book I wrote about life as a teenager, this is only part of it and I'm not even halfway of finishing it , but here is a little preview or review! 

Title: Tough Enough
Author: Josephine


It was a cold windy sunday, I wasn't looking for this. I got out of bed and pulled the curtains apart seeing a really bad weather. 'Another day of fail' I said to myself. I was to scared to go to school, you got the bullies , bad people and even gangs. I opened the door to expect a quiet house with no rush. 'BOO!' I heard Nirian say. 'It's not funny!' I claimed back. He's always doing this to me, how long does it take him to stop it. I walked in the kitchen and saw mom cooking breakfast. 'Whats go you up?' She said. 'Pain & Fear!' I claimed. She stopped cooking immediately and put the spatula down! 'Is there something wrong, Jamie?' she asked confused. ' It's just that um its-' I paused and went back upstairs for my usual morning routine. You know, brush my teeth, shower and most recently deodorant. I grabbed my bag and my gear for netball trials. 'What's up with you? Nirian questioned. 'Nothing, just hurry up and walk to school!' ' Okay I will j-j-j-just calm down okay, I'm walking now!' I sighed and saw mom giing Nirian a kiss while he goes out the door. 'Come on honey you'll be very late for school' She said. I gave her a hug and walked slowly to school, not bothering to talk or blink.

I was to scared to go to school, in fact I didn't want to bother telling you ALL about it. I mean c'mon? I'm Jamie and I need time. I stopped outside of school. I breath in and out . . I wasn't expecting it to be THIS full. ' JAMIE, JAMIE, JAMIE!' I heard a call. It was Nirian calling me to come inside school. I sighed and slowly walked through the chocolate brown gate. I opened the door looking down and taking one more breath take. I raised my head slowly and was in fright. There was a lot of bullying around the hallway and I just felt like going back out of the door. 'RRRIIINNGGG' the bell just went. I walked into my class which was B4. I wish I went back 'B4'  Nirian could call me. I enetered the class and was gazing @ the floor. I bumped into someone and noticed my phone fell out of my pocket. 'Uggh, excuse me, get out of my way' A mysterious girl ordered (didn't know what her name was but she was mysterious. 'I am so so so sorry , here let me help you ' I claimed, I led out a hand expecting her to take hold on it. She didn't. 'Ugh, i'm not going to touch those sweaty hands! I'm Amanda and I don't take orders from puke looking girls''  she said. Her name was Amanda. ' I was just trying to help! I'm SORRY!' I claimed back, but she was in anger action REALLY fast , I mean ACTION FAST. She clenched her fists, and game me one powerful thrust. 

I gasped and was in shock. A tear streamed down my eye, 'Your nothing but a loser' she confessed. 

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