Friday, June 28, 2013

Trip to the Langham Hotel!

On Tuesday, the ambassadors had the chance to speak at a conference @ the wonderful Langham Hotel in the city. We were satisfied by the beauty of the building! The lights, sofa's, counters and even bathrooms. It took us a while to get through all the hassle in the traffic. Looking for the Valet parking , we were VERY excited to go inside. While busy day dreaming in the car, we suddenly felt the car stop, and we found our selves parking near an elevator.

Going through the elevator we could feel our weight lifting us up, which gave me shivers!  A gentleman , that with us in the elevator, looked like he was confused. I think he was confused that we were there. The elevator doors opened and I saw a VERY fancy hotel, right through my eyes. I gasped as I saw golden knobs , very fancy couches and my favourite, the golden shiny glittery soft pillow. 

"This way children" I heard Mrs Burt say out of sight. She led us to a mysterious room, which I would call the lunch dining room. Oh my, it was fabulous there was a blue soft mat, lots of shiny utensils and even a small cafe ! It was wonderful. Mrs Burt took a stop to talk to someone, while she was doing that we looked around the room speechless and AMAZED. 

"This way children!" Repeated Mrs Burt, who was guided by a lady with short and trimmed hair. They led us into the conference room , which was the room that we were speaking at. We were stunned by the lights and the chairs also the stage. "Is that for us?" I asked to myself. The lady guided us to the stage and there were tables and chairs for us. It looked so fancy for us. "I can not wait" was the word that kept on ringing in my mind!

A few minutes later everybody started greeting us and entering the room, and the rest of the ambassadors arrived in pride! We saw that they were excited as well. "E nga mana . . " Those were the first words I said, to the doctors I was VERY nervous and was shaking my hands that were starting to sweat. Luckily I looked @ the paper that said FOCUS that I wrote before I started speaking. 

After finished our presentation, we heard a VERY long applause! It was so long that it almost went about for a minute. Mrs Burt came up to do her little speech which was read from a small screen. She handled it. While going down in a line, we went past the audience who were giving us HUGE smiles. A wonderful kind lady, told us that she was VERY impressed. She told us that we were going to eat @ the hotel. We went into the lunch dining room and saw a table full of food. There were brownies and muffins also a refreshing drink. Did you know that we ate De-hydrated pears. It was tottaly not my type. But the brownies were just- YUM!

After eating my yummy tea, I got the chance to control the robots which was invented by some high- school students. They were really amazing and magical it was fabulous. After that we had to say bye to the people that were there. A few minutes later we went to the bathroom, which had golden knobs, lovely towels to dry our hand and refreshing soap.

Then it was time to take some photos on the wonderful smooth looking couch. with the gold glittery pillow. I took a photo with Sela and Quasia. A few minutes later we were off back to school. 

Overall I had a marvellous time at the Langham hotel!  It was like an adventure for me. I am very proud of myself and the others for attending the conference with pride. I would surely love to go back next year. Thanks to the Health Congress People and The Langham hotel people for leading us speak with pride. Ahug BIG THANK YOU to everyone who went. Mwah!  


  1. What a fabulous report Josephine! Well done. I was so proud of you all.

    This message below was sent by one of the attendees:

    Most adults in the room listening could not present with such polish (or relevance), and I thank each one of you, as a conference delegate, for enriching my day... But i also thank you as a mother, and as a citizen, for being the positive role models you are, and also for the great contribution you are already making to our society.
    I believe you, you really can be anything if you truly want it enough... I look forward to seeing what it is that you really want to be!!

    We see that you already blogged about your visit with us. I'm sure there is a cleverer way for me to contact you guys back... But I don't know how! I love that you all have so much further advanced IT knowledge than me ;)

    Continue to be "awesomer" and you'll definitely never be boring!!
    Best wishes for everything you do.

    NZ Commercial Manager
    Baxter Healthcare Ltd

  2. Josephine
    Such a wonderful detailed recount of what was obviously an amazing event for yourself and the other ambassadors. I love how Mrs Burt has added the message from the manager here as a comment - it really tells another aspect to what a wonderful job that you did as ambassadors for your school and your community. We looked at the photographs from the Hotel in our class room and I showed them on our data projector our students thought that it looked 'flash' which it does and I think that they were jealous and also impressed at the same time.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.