Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mixed Netball Team Recount

Walking outside for the Tusitala searching for Mr Burt. I noticed his face through Mrs Jarman's office . "Hi Mr. Burt are you free to transport me to the netball courts?" I asked. " I will be free " Unexpectedly said Mrs Jarman. Making our way to the courts we were talking about the old days and family questions. "Good Luck on you game" Said Mrs Jarman as I closed the door. "Thanks" I mumbled. 

Looking around for my team I noticed our netball team's uniform- red, black and beautiful- running to the Canterbury bag I grabbed out a spares uniform. After getting changed we all had to meet up with all the maniakalani cluster schools, to get some information of what we are about to do! "Welcome to the AMI courts" I heard someone say, I basically faced to the front. 

Our first game was against Bailey road , I played sub in the first half of the game. In the second half I played Goal Shoot.  Going for the ball I passed it to Pauwai so that she could shoot the goal in and earn us some points.

After a few points we won, my favorite part of the game was having to get the experience of playing netball . 

To be continued  . . . 

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