Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Matariki Celebration- Edited Edition!


Matariki was a  time when people would gather to share food, entertainment , hospitality and learning. Matariki was known as the seven stars that died in remembrance  Matariki is known as the new year for many maori people . Historically , the star cluster was a navigation for maori. Did I mention that there are seven stars from the naked eye? but try and look through a telescope, therefore you will see 500 of stars.  The matariki celebrations was popular before the europeans arrived to aotearoa, and they continued in the 1900’s.

At the start of the 21st decade matariki celebrations were received and had become A essential time where we need to respect the land we live on. For a fact if the stars were clear, it would be a signal that the year ahead would be warm and yet large amounts of food.  

The names of the matariki stars are Waiti, Waita, Matariki,  uru-a-rangi, tupu - a -rangi, Tupua-A-Nuku, Waipuna-a-rangi.  Matariki can be changed in two ways- Mata Riki- Tiny Eyes , Mata-a-riki (eyes of god). Some people consider that Matariki is a mother surrounded by her six daughters, while others say that Matariki is a male star.

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