Wednesday, June 12, 2013


French Macaroon are like little biscuit burgers to me! They are very tasty , all though I haven't tasted them . . . well only a little. From Miss Ouano. TRUST ME, Miss Ouano's Macarons are the bomb! They are very tasty and she also made these little raspberry ones that looked very cute and pretty. Did you know that there are two types of Macaroons? One is usually dipped in chocolate and there is also one called A french Macaron which I would prefer tasting!  Some people say that they are very hard to make. Did you remember on Master chef New Zealand 2011 they actually made these but as a little tower? Ever since I've liked a cooking show all I have been hearing in my ear is  . . "Today we are going to make French Macaroon , they are super tasty and lovely and scrumptious" Honestly! It's obviously something you see everyday. And that is how Macaroons are veerrryyy suuppppeeerrr tasty! Macarons can not be only in one shape but other shapes and other colours. I was very inspired by Miss Ouano's super amazing French Macarons. That is why you should visit and follow her blog to see how she does these in Action, A.S.A.P! Here is the link-

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