Friday, February 18, 2011

Baseball with Cola

Yeserday we went out to play baseball with cola on the rugby field. It was alot of fun with cola. we went to sit in the shade with ms king and cola.first cola told what we should do well playing baseball. Cola said if you play wrong you will get hurt and you will have to focus. he told us more and more about playing the right way.cola said that what you and your partner have to split in to a different team had to play field and blue team had to be batters.the red team had to get a baseball glove and wear it the right the way. The blue team had to go with ms king and sit down in a line so they can bat, fielders had to spread out.then a person came up to bat. cola gave the bat to the the person.the person started to bat the ball . that person started to bat the ball then he dropped down the bat band ran to the cones he ran back where he was batting.
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  1. Wow Josephine that sounds like fun i wish room 22 could do that.I think that whose awesome.